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January 23, 2016

A lot of unaware characters of the team members have been discovered through this two days experience.  With the improved relationship, goals can be aligned easily and achieved through effective communication and great mutual support.  I am sure each team members has their own unique experience and certainly bring home with not just good memory but some good self-reflection.


Although this is conducted under adverse weather condition, all activities are safely carried out under the professional guidance of the coaching staffs.  This is certainly the result of a well-planned and co-ordinated effort.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you the coaches for creating such a memorable event and I have no hesitation in recommending your corporate training services to others.

Cambridge Wong - Director & CEO

Wealth Management Cube Limited

September 06, 2015

首先感謝Cindy在上年9月為我地籌辦的公司培訓。我特別想和大家分享其中關於設定團隊榮譽典章,code of honor, 即是要定下公司核心文化。未上Cindy的培訓前,其實我們用了8個月去定立code of honor都失敗了。

直到Cindy安排了兩日一夜,上山下海的訓練,活動的解難環節令我們知道大家最需要伙伴什麼形式支持,亦令我們欣賞到伙伴在公司未被發掘的長處,5小時談心環節更令大家將不滿提出,而且成功定到7條大家都贊成的code of honor. 其中最難想像第一條,就是義無反顧共患難!唯有整個團隊有同一目標,output業績先可以有倍增的成效!


最後想分享下我公司有了code of honor兩項最大的轉變:

1.   大家早上10點後沒有人食早餐,全部人都已經開始工作

2. 全公司同事遲到情况有大跌幅,同上年同月份比較,training後的遲到數字由上年同月份的6300分鐘,變成今年的2800分鐘,改善超過55%

Crystal Li - Sales and Marketing Manager

Synergy Education Provider Co. Ltd.

January 08, 2016

從Spark Adventure 的歷險環節學到環境不斷變化,如果同行家同樣有進步就要發掘一些新方法去突破,創新,才能夠成為市場贏家。


Jane Chan

Lovely Green Gardening Studio

January 08, 2016


Gloria Yim - Sales Director

OP Hub Solutions Limited

January 08, 2016

I was so impressed about Cindy's leading on our team building program. You made us discover ourselves instead of being told, unlike some of the trainer that I experienced. I now have good reference to recommend you to other company.

Savio Wong - Million USD Circle Member - Team Elite Distributor

Nu Skin Enterprises

January 08, 2016

This is my first time to have coach trainer and I enjoyed Cindy's leading very much! I treasure a lot this Power Camp experience and I can feel that the bonding within Inspire group has increased a lot through this camp!

Vincci Law - Director

Aivedette Ltd

January 08, 2016


Pixy Fung - Project Director

Xynergy Business Solution Limited

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